About 4×4 Response

Strathclyde 4×4 Response was established in early 2011 following the severe winter weather making it difficult for many vital services to function. We aim to be able to assist numerous organisations during times of difficult driving conditions from delivering meals on wheels to vulnerable people, and helping community nurses visit their patients.

Our first year of operation was one of establishing ourselves and training our members. We run courses on First Aid, Off Road Driving, Amateur Radio, and Map Reading skills, and we run practical exercises to put these skills to the test.

We have the backing of the National 4×4 Response network and support from Tunnocks and we now have an working agreement in place with Police Scotland and the West of Scotland Regional Resilience Partnership.

This means that we are recognised as an available resource for the Emergency Services and all other partners (Category 1, Category 2 and voluntary) of the RRP.

We also have agreements in place with other organisations, e.g. Red Cross, Ardgowan Hospice in Greenock.

In March 2013 we were involved in a major relief operation over three days to help the Isle of Arran when severe snows caused complete power failure to the whole island.

How does it work?

We train all our Responders to ensure they meet a minimum training standard (see the Becoming a Responder page).

When a situation occurs which could be severe weather, or an event such as a music festival where hundreds of cars are stuck in a muddy field, we are called apon by the local Councils Emergency Planning Officer through the Regional Resilience Partnership.

When one of our Controllers receives request for assistance, we use an SMS paging to alert all the Responders. Those who are available, can immediately respond via SMS meaning we can very quickly advise how much help we can offer.

The Responders will usually be given a Rendezvous point to go to, and from there using our own communications network they will be tasked with carrying out the necessary duties from the Controller who will liaise with the on site incident officer.